Chocolate Ginger Mango and Ceramic Molds?

I spent Saturday helping pack up greenware from a ceramics store. My friends purchased the contents of the store: greenware, bisqueware, molds, paints, kilns, tables, chairs, cash register - everything. 

One solid wall of ceramic molds. There were thousands.

One solid wall of ceramic molds. There were thousands.

It amounts to something like 4,000 molds and days of hard manual labor to get the contents moved out of the current location. Though I've only helped a couple of times, the days have been long, intense, and productive. I've come home exhausted with my muscles strained and fiercely complaining.

This time the weather was perfect for a quick side trip to the nearest World Market. I  don't often want to drive the hour plus it takes to get to this store, so being in the general vicinity, I dashed in to see what I could pick up.

Here are a few of the things I came home with this trip:

Choco Noir.  The color is definitely indicative of chocolate milk, but the ingredients have me suspicious  grape wine with natural flavors, and FD&C Red #40 and caramel color.  I picked up four 50 ml bottles to sample. What do you think?

If you're looking for a larger size, I  saw bottles of "Chocolate Shop" wine.  The reviews at the World Market site report this is a delightful dessert-type of wine.

fig preserve.jpg

Braswell's Select Fig Preserves. I love the packaging on this - it's a reusable, heavy glass tumbler.  Perhaps I'll have the fig preserves on some Brie? Or peanut butter and fig sandwiches?

Ginger Syrup from The Ginger People.  I'm crazy for all things ginger, so this was a snap decision as soon I saw the bottle. The Ginger People website suggests drizzling this as if it was maple syrup on fruit salads, ice cream, glazed chicken, oatmeal; I'm imagining it on organic roasted beets - but what fresh herb? 

I can also tell you that I rarely bypass the opportunity to pick up a package of Mango Gummy Candy. This Japanese import is one of my very favorite snack foods; one of these days I'll give in to my desires and order a case from Amazon. It's gummy, like Gummy Bears, and it's unabashedly mango. How do you think these would taste if dipped in dark chocolate?

ginger syrup.jpg

I hope your weekend was wonderful. Be sure to make it a great week!